Suzuki Tune Up & Restoration Tips
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Suzuki SJ413 Idling too fast?
Suzuki Vitara 1.6 injection getting poor fuel economy?
Suzuki LJ80 eating points?
Suzuki Super Carry/Rascal hard starting?
Suzuki Swift not quite on song?
Fancy a serious restoration, but not sure where to get parts?
Zuks Un Ltd Uk and Club ZULU can help. This may be your most useful page!

Feedback. Common problems have common solutions.
If your Zuk is giving you problems, E-Mail here for help. Meanwhile, some useful stuff.

Suzuki SJ410 (UK spec)
Points gap .40-.50mm Dwell 52 degrees approx
Timing 10 degrees before TDC @ 850 RPM
Spark Plugs gap .7-.8 mm

Suzuki SJ413 (UK spec)
Air Gap .2-.4 mm
Timing 10 degrees before TDC @ 850 RPM
Spark Plugs gap .7-.8 mm

Suzuki Vitara EFI (UK spec)
Air Gap .2-.4 mm
Timing 8 degrees before TDC with vacuum @ 800 RPM
Spark Plugs gap .7-.8 mm

195 x15 tyres have the same rotational height approximately as 205/70 x 15 tyres. In other words your Speedometer remains pretty much accurate. Go much bigger, and clearance can not only be a problem, but that Superb low gearing that ZUKS have starts to go down the pan.

Bizarre ZUKS are great fun too - we liked this weird Suzuki SJ V8 conversion in America.
ZULU Warrior has now gone. After many years of restoration and parts aquisition it has moved on to a better place (well Bristol actually)

A couple of restoration/modification tips.

LJ80's share some mechanical tune up components with SJ's, likewise Vitara engine blocks are a fairly straight forward fitment into SJ413's (look forward to an article and photographs on this, plus adapter plate and engine mount availability).

Zuks are an excellent choice for project work, easy access, good parts supply, cheap insurance, cheap motoring tax, reasonably good fuel economy, and of course - FUN!

If you do have any problems finding parts, check our Parts Finder Page, or better yet, join Club ZULU.

Tune Up Common Problems
ZUKS On and Off road function around the world in places more fragile vehicles fear to tread.
Common problems however exist in both On and Off road models:
Points:LJ,SJ,Baleno,Alto,SC-100 Whizz Kid and many other Suzuki models seem to have a propensity for eating points.
Two main reasons for this: Poor earthing, (another common problem), and higher mileage distributor wear.
Check your earth (ground) first, this ongoing problem has stopped many a Zuk before now.
Whenever you need parts for your Zuk, make sure you have the chassis number. Not only does this help to get the correct parts, but will tell you if it was built in Japan, Santana Spain or Canada. Variations exist between build countries on SJ's, Vitaras and others.

One of the most basic improvements you can make on an early SJ is to improve rear "Departure Angle". In other words, how much rear overhang is going to hit the ground if you climb very steeply. Separate rear foglites hanging below the back bumper on some European spec models can be re-located above the bumper as long as Vehicle Test Regulations in your country are adhered to.
The seperate trailer plug socket next to the Factory Tow Hitch is the next vulnerable item; this too can be moved above bumper height with a bit of thought, but be careful if walking between trailer and SJ to avoid tripping (from experience!).
Later SJ rear lights with built in fog lights are another possible option, but some re-wiring and outlay is of course then required.

This time of year a worthwhile quick check is to make sure the hose from the air cleaner to the Exhaust Manifold on your SJ is in one peace!
Less problems starting, warming up and running through deep water. That air filter element is worth blowing out or replacing too while you are under the bonnet, and when did you last clean the connections and top up the Battery?
We are running a small feature next on better Fuel Economy for your ZUKS, please visit the site again soon.

Here is a brilliant idea! Does your SJ413 become hard to start when hot? Check out the link below to a site run by David Hensley:  
Super idea from a really nice guy.We have now had many UK Club Members buy this gadget, and it works!

SJ413 running too fast or stumbling when cold? Check choke is adjusted correctly before anything else, often the problem is then cured. Don't be too hasty in rushing out and doing a Carb Conversion!

Autoday Double C Carb and Injection cleaner works wonders too on SJ and Vitaras, give it a try!