ZUKS Contest
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ZUKS fans everywhere, here it is, our latest Contest Page - this one for Photography - and our latest Winners!

ZUKS like being in Contests! We've had several on the site now, and here is the latest.

So you think think the Contests are over? You would be wrong. Club Members will be getting their latest E-Updates before the end of Spring 2012 about what we think is the best Contest we have offered so far. Stay with us here on the Website, or check out the Club ZULU Facebook group page and say hi!

We wanted ZUKS pictures with Drama, Humour, in unusual locations, or just great photos!

Most importantly we wanted to see you with your ZUK. In the drivers' seat, on the roof, stood next to it or whatever. Its' was Club ZULU Members and their vehicles that would win this one, originality too would be a strong factor. This pic from Neil Bird of http://www.Offroadphotosonline.co.uk  (a way cool Off Road Photo Site)   featuring James Loxtons' RTV 3 SJ413 ZUK shows the kind of standard that can be set. So who Won? Read on! Sorry about the long download time for this page if you are on Dial up, but I assure you it is worth the wait!

ZUKS Photo Contest Winner Dave Reed

Well done Dave, a super job in the face of some awesome Competition. Well over a hundred entries from over 60 Club ZULU Members. You won, and deservedly! This pic was a particular favourite, Composition, subject, framing, exposure, action, interest, the lot. Well Done. Club ZULU Member Pete Ridgley in his SJ413 provided the subject matter.

I believe I can fly...

This Contest was won by some very skillful Photography. And some ZUKS who tried very hard!

Club ZULU Members show their stickers with pride!

Yeah well ok, I made up the caption. But Daves' picture is a great example of Green Laning and Comaraderie on one of our days out in the West Country.

ZUKS in action!

Club ZULU Members get to experience the ultimate in Off Road experiences by entering AWDC Trials. Here Dave captures the exploits of an SJ413 in mid air. Great photos meant a sure fire First Prize for his superb entries.

Club ZULU is about Green Laning. Daves' photo is a great candid shot of a friendly, easy going day out in the Countryside for Club ZULU Members.

Suzuki Jimny, Vitara and Grand Vitara models are real Off Roaders. No-one seems keen to explain this one properly, but they are. Enough said? Some Club Members on a Green Laning day out provided the subject for this shot.

ZUKS Photo Contest Second Prize Winner Trish Parsons

The photographic quality, standards and enthusiasm set by Trish made her an absolute shoe in for Second Place in this Winters' Photo Contest. The entries were so good, it was a real struggle to figure out Winners!

ZUKS are so photogenic!

This excellent picture of Club ZULU Member Chris Murphy by Trish Parsons shows why a well deserved 2nd place in the Winter 2004/2005 was awarded. Great Driver, great photographer, ZUKS rule!

Club ZULU Member caught in Action!

As many of you will know, Digital Photography action shots are particularly difficult with time lag and so on. Trish shows here with subject driver and Club ZULU Member Chris Murphy that she has mastered this skill. Well done, and one of many submitted superb shots!

Trish takes great Photos!

Club ZULU Member James Loxton may not appreciate this as being the best ever picture of his RTV 3  Trialer, but it typifies the good action shots that Trish submitted to earn her well deserved 2nd place Contest Entry prize.

Second Prize Winner Trish and Brian Parsons show us how its' done!

Trish and Brian typify what Club ZULU is all about. Participation, keeness, and fun. Well done guys on a well deserved Contest 2nd Place Win. I look forward to seeing what your new SJ410 Santana Trialer will do with such enthused hands on the wheel...

ZUKS Photo Contest Winners are keen Competitors! Mark Browne Wins 3rd Place in this Photo Competition

These keen Club ZULU Members run an SJ410 Santana with lift kit, Winches and more, a Grand Vitara GV1600, and a recently aquired SJ410 Jap built model entered in the AWDC Open Class - keep an eye out for these up and coming Competitors. A well deserved third prize for Photographic excellence in this latest Contest.

Club ZULU Marke and Phillipa enjoy Green Laning their SJ410 Santana. Third Prize Photo Contest Winners

Marks' Santana SJ410 has ingenious front and rear mounted Winches, suspension lift, and more. Well done on your 3rd place Contest Entries

Suzuki SJ413 picture from Club ZULU shows that sometimes simple is best.

Sometimes simple is best. We love this picture of a near stock SJ413 with GV style steel rims in an attractive green paint scheme. It is easy to forget that every modification you make compromises your Suzuki in some way...