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Club ZULU used to go Green Laning in the West Country of England on most Weekends, and we still attend more extreme Organised Off Roading Events.

 Green Laning events - we had some superb runs out in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, more in the early part of 2007 too. This element of Club ZULU Membership hoped to grow further in 2007, but UK Government Pooness meant moving to France for this glorious way of viewing the Countryside for all, particularly the Disabled, may well be the only way forward. In retrospect this has now been the case. Since May 2007 the number of driveable tracks in Somerset is reduced to 9. Do the right thing for you and your Children, preserve Countryside Rights of Way for Motorised Vehicles, or watch huge areas of Publicly owned land disappear from Public access forever...  View the Definitive Map online on the Rights of Way page for Somerset County Council.

The September 2008 AWDC HOWLIN' WOLF CHALLENGE EVENT was a massive success!! Thanks to the many Club ZULU Members and friends of the Club who attended.

We were invited back to do the same on the weekend of  1st and 2nd of August 2nd 2009. This was attended on the weekend by many Members and friends, many thanks to all who participated, the Pig Roast and Bonfire were amazing! It was great to participate in this prestigious National Event, and Neil Whitford of the AWDC deserves much credit for the amazing organisation and professionalism of him and his helpers. Thanks! A full report and pics are available to anyone interested, just email me and ask.


Howlin' Wolf 2010


Club ZULU Members have been invited yet again to help in Marshalling the AWDC Howlin' Wolf Challenge series event at West Harptree in August 2010. More details in Summer E-Update out soon!



Howlin' Wolf 2010 was great fun! We had quite a few Club ZULU Members come out the night before, stay over, and Marshall the next day. The Marshalls prize was won by Noel Gibbard of Club ZULU, and much fun was had by all!




Responsible Green Laning

We used to go Green Laning Responsibly on R.U.P.P.'s, Roads Used as a Public Path. Many of these have disappeared around the UK. As Green Lanes are lost to the Public, or down graded to Bridle paths, massive amounts of English Countryside will be banned to most people. This includes many people with Disabilities. We like Horses, and Ramblers just fine too. If we don't occasionally use Green Lanes, the overgrowth closes them on its' own, as we saw in 2002 after 2001's Foot and Mouth epidemic left them untravelled for many months. There was a "Mechanically Propelled Vehicles on Rights of Way" consultative document before our Government which appeared to be  largely based on fantasy. You can still request your nearest Green Lane (or 2 or 3) be upgraded to a Byway Open To All Traffic as soon as you can. I can help supply the paperwork to do this by E-Mail at your request. It is pretty much too late now, but you have a right to be heard by your MP, MEP, and Disability Access Department of local Government now! New Definitive Map for Somerset is now online, so legal and fun Green Laning can resume. The Club ZULU idea of a good day out is "Mud on the roof, and nothing broken", we are happy to give friendly advice, always travel with two or more vehicles, and try to carry Rope, Shovel, Mobile Phones,basic tools, water and fuel. The driving part is up to you, and nobody minds if you back down from a particular obstacle.

Your Local Council will have a "Rights of Way" Officer. Ask to see the Definitive Map at your Town Hall, and see which routes can be used legally and properly for off roading in your County.

We use Ordinance Survey Maps when we go out - latest issue available - and only follow R.U.P.P.'s and B.O.A.T.'s Keep these rights of way open and maintained in your area, or you may lose them.

Dundry Off Road on Facebook has proven to be a popular attraction for Suzuki owners in the South West. Check out on Facebook the Exmoor Off Road page and its events too. South West Offroad Trialing (SWOT) is still popular and also lists on Facebook, , and the Terratagging Facebook page has proved to be great fun and a huge success.

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