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The Aim? Your Favourite Suzuki site on the Internet.

The ZUKS lovers site! Mainly the 4 x 4 variety, but all models of Suzuki are welcome.For those of you in the know, ZUKS are Suzukis! This also includes some license built vehicles by Chevrolet, Mazda, GEO, Opel/Vauxhall, Bedford, Holden, Pontiac, and others. On the 4WD ZUKS, this means something for you from the early LJ's to SJ410 and SJ413's, Santanas and Samurais, Jimnys, Vitaras, X-90's, Grand Vitaras, Escudos and the XL-7, plus later Ignis and Swift 4x4 Suzukis and most other models.   


"I've heard there is going to be a recession, but have decided not to take part."

Club ZULU Stickers have been a hugely popular item in the nearly 13 years that the Club has been online. Watch here for a new updated version coming soon..


Club ZULU has huge respect for its' nominated charitee, the Royal National Lifeboat Association. Here we see one of their hard working Suzuki Jimnys ready for Beach Patrol in Cornwall.

As Spring finally arrives, don't forget great deals for Club ZULU Members on quality soft tops for their Suzuki SJ's, Vitaras, Jimnys and others! Hot Prices on great off road tyres, many brands and tread patterns now too.

Club ZULU is now massive on Facebook! Search "Club ZULU Facebook Group page" and say hi!

Terratagging Facebook page is live! Check out whats going on next and join now!


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The link above with the words "Click here" is an International RV, 4x4 and general vehicle travel guide, log and much more - Club ZULU Members may want to check it out before travelling with their ZUK!

ZUKS playing out, an LJ80, 1.6 Vitara, and 2.0 T/D Vitara enjoying a quality day out in the West Country of England

LJ80 Fan? Click on here for LJ10.com